2018-2019 Dress Code with pictures.jpg


Any purchased GCA Logo sweatshirt or any solid royal blue or gray sweatshirt/hoodie


On Monday through Thursday, students can wear any appropriate

Shorts, pants, or skirts.

On Friday, students must wear Khaki bottoms (skort, shorts, or pants) 

  • Pants and shorts must have a waistband with a zipper and closure (no athletic wear, sweats, leggings, or jeggings allowed)

  • Grades 5-8 shorts and skorts must be two inches longer than longest finger when hands are at side

  • All shorts, skirts and dresses must be mid-thigh or longer (Even when shorts or tights are worn underneath)

  • Girls in grades K-4 are encouraged to wear shorts under dresses, jumpers, and skirts.

Note: Proper dress is expected at all school related events. (i.e. – music concerts, sporting events, graduation)




  • Needs to be kept neat

  • Hair cannot obstruct vision or be a safety issue

  • Extreme styles and coloring are not allowed


  • Shoes designed for laces must be laced properly.

  • Backless shoes may not be worn.

  • Shoes with any type of wheel are not permitted


  • Students in Grades K-5 may not wear makeup of any kind.

  • Girls in Grades 6-8 may wear makeup with modesty.


  • Chains may not be worn by students, with the exception of necklaces and bracelets.


  • Hats may not be worn in the classroom. (Hats may be worn outdoors for sun protection during recess and P.E.)

Body piercing & tattoos:

  • Tattoos and Body Piercing (other than the piercing of girl’s ears) are not allowed.

Any student in violation of the dress standard will be referred to the GCA school office. A student may be asked to wear clothing provided by the health coordinators office or parents will be called to bring proper attire. The decisions of appropriateness will be determined by administration or designee. Clothing checked out from the school office must be cleaned and returned the following day.

Parents should consult administration if they have questions regarding the dress code.

The school administration reserves the right to make “modifications” to the dress standard at any time.